Do right by the environment with milling services in Seekonk, MA

Milling services give you a chance to appreciate new asphalt without letting your old asphalt go to waste. Young's Paving takes your crumbling asphalt and breathes new life into it. We can grind down asphalt into an aggregate to go into new pavement.

Thanks to milling, you can:

  • Remove surface irregularities
  • Resurface your pavement
  • Eliminate dips or bumps in the road

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Recycle your crumbling asphalt drive with asphalt milling

Asphalt milling involves turning old asphalt into new asphalt. Using a four-foot-wide drum, we grind down asphalt that has seen better days. The process turns your worn-down asphalt into new asphalt that we can use to repave your driveway or parking lot.

We'll combine the aggregate formed by milling with new cement to form an asphalt mixture we can use to pave your property. You'll get a nicer-looking storefront and a cleaner environment.

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